Application Services

Shriram Value Services strives to be your Application outsourcing services partner in developing effective solutions for all your mission critical business needs. At Shriram Value, you'll find software programming professionals dedicated to ensure your utmost satisfaction as we strongly believe in quality & customer satisfaction. We accomplish this by taking result-oriented approach to every project we pursue.

When you add Shriram Value Services as a partner for your business solutions, you'll have a reliable technology partner who is dedicated to helping you grow your business for years to come. And we offer a set of specialized services that are aligned with your vision and business needs.

Application Development

We use state of the-art application development technologies to translate your IT vision into reality. Service offerings include business intelligence solutions, e-business solutions, custom application development and CRM solutions. We deliver high-quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and reliable, secure, and easy to deploy and helping customers in better turnaround times.

Our Services include:

  • Application Development Services
  • Application development consultancy
  • Software architecture & design
  • Custom applications

Digital Services

Managing customer experience and the complex interactions with customers and distribution partners is a core strength and value we bring to our clients. Our Digital strategies help enterprises to redefine the consumer experiences and management across all digital ecosystems.

Our mission is to create digital strategies, new operating practices and deliver technology initiatives across digital, voice and POS channels that creates a state-of-the-art digital customer experience.

We help our clients to implement a comprehensive digital strategy that delivers a wide range of capabilities to increase value from their investment in digital and IoT-enabled technologies.

We ensure end-to-end services across digital transformation, enabling clients to achieve digital innovation, service excellence and higher customer satisfaction.

Our Digital Practice applies Innovative Design Thinking to build digital strategy, digital business model transformation and technology innovation to help our clients navigate the evolving digital world.

We provide various services to our client’s in supporting their digital journey:

  • Strategic planning and digital transformation services
  • Innovative Design Thinking approach to digital innovation, customer experience and digital business transformation
  • Customer experience management strategy, design, and implementation services to help clients engage across various channels
  • Services that define digital roadmaps and digital business cases for ongoing digital investments
  • Insights into how other industries create digital innovations that can be applied for clients.
  • Agile design, development, test, and delivery across major digital technologies.

Cloud Services

Shriram Value designs, builds and runs large secure IT infrastructures based upon a common support technology and processes. We address the complete IT infrastructures management lifecycle. We can help our clients transform their physical and virtual infrastructures, and we deliver the functionality, reliability and security our clients require, with a measurable return on investment and the assurance of a commercial service environment.

Our Infrastructure Service Management ensures that IT services are aligned to the business needs and provides the oversight and management necessary to ensure that customer and/or business requirements are fulfilled.

Shriram Value can address your enterprise's IT infrastructure needs through the following offerings:

  • Plan, design and implement the organizational IT strategies and manage their mission-critical IT infrastructure
  • IT Assets acquisition and maintenance, work place management, end to end lifecycle support for workplace IT infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure Security and Consulting
  • Establish and maintain sound backup and recovery policies and procedures
  • Implement and maintain database security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges)
  • Space management
  • Rollback segment monitoring
  • Setup and maintain documentation and standards
  • Plan growth and changes (capacity planning)
  • Work as part of a team and provide 24x7 support
  • Remote Infrastructure Management
  • Perform general technical trouble shooting and provide consultation to development teams
  • Business Challenges
  • Increasing complexity of infrastructure environments, with technology shift from physical to virtual. Greater expectations in quality and reliability of service
  • Minimizing full cost of ownership. Improving return on current technology investment
  • Flexibility, agility, and ability to match rapid changes in business needs and technology.
  • Management of risk and security.
  • Facility management and services.

Transaction Services

Shriram Value's comprehensive portfolio of Transaction services that enable our clients to deliver high quality customer services to their customers.

Retail Banking

The business landscape has become more challenging for retail banking services globally. Most of the processes have become customer centric like customer profitability analytics, dynamic product pricing and actual benefits realization through customer loyalty programs. The decision makers in the sector have also given prime importance to risk management and business and cost transformation. Our services include:

  • Reconciliations
  • Account Opening & Maintenance
  • Financial Accounting Customer Service
  • Management Accounting & Reporting
  • Payment Processing
[Image: Retail Banking]

Retail Deposit Processing

Shriram Value provides an economical solution that will add value to your organization. We leverage on our highly skilled and experienced team. Our services include:

  • Acceptance and Renewals of Deposits
  • Fixed Deposit Receipt Issue and Handling
  • Managing Loans and Payments Against Deposits
  • Generation of Interest Warrants and Tax Documents
  • Tax Deductions and Tax Documents
  • Change of Address
  • Correspondence with Customers
  • Agent Commission Payments

Learning Services

Our Learning & Development experts provide corporate training solutions for future workplaces. Bridging learners to desired skills with interactive courseware with our end to end tailored design & development of digital content curated to align perfectly with the business and learning objectives. Our team strives hard to create, innovate and develop expertise in the latest technology for learning and sets benchmarks in digital content making. We adopt the most effective best-in-class adaptive learning strategies for instructional design, gamification, simulation, scenario-based training, video and animations using the appropriate Rapid authoring tools for quick turnaround time. Our solutions ensure SCORM compliance for content compatibility with all standard systems.

Bespoke E-learning

Get the distinctive e-learning design, development & delivery for bridging people to the desired skills.

Do - Up E-learning

Get a quick customization of your legacy content with best-in-class interactive tools. We help in enriching your existing content into a more enhanced digital learning.

LMS Services

Customize and implement world’s widely used and the most secured Learning Management System ‘myCoach’ for your e-learning needs.

M-learning Solution

Get the myCoach Mobile App to enable your learners to be ready for a smart learning using smart-devices on-the-go anytime anywhere.

Content Lab

A lab that breeds ideas, innovation and create break-through learning solutions. Designs, develops, and delivers next-generation, embedded solutions from conceptualization to post-delivery maintenance and support.


Evaluate your employees on their knowledge level though our online/offline assessments that is structured methodically and instructed seamlessly across Pan-India.

To know more about Mycoach Learning click here

Customer Services

As a seasoned Customer Services partner in the Finance / Insurance industry, Shriram Customer Relationship Services - Call center enable you to minimize costs and maintain regulatory compliance while delivering the sophisticated support that your customers demand. SVS comes to you with the most competitive call center services. Be it outbound, inbound or web-enabled services, we have acquired unprecedented skills in all facets of Customer Relationship Services.

At Shriram, our call center agents are focused on enhancing customer satisfaction and building brand favorability. By turning your basic customer interactions into valuable lifetime relationships, Shriram helps you create Customers for Life.

Why Shriram Call Centers:

  • Grab the market potential and spread out your customer base with our Lead Generation & Call Center Telemarketing.
  • Tap the potential clients showing interest in your business through our Inbound process request Services.
  • Increase your bottom line using our Cross-Selling and Up-Selling techniques.
  • Win back your leaving customers using our Customer Retention Services.
  • Experience the best of call center in India at affordable rates..

Our Services:

  • 24-hour Inbound Customer Care
  • Tap the potential clients showing interest in your business through our Inbound process request Services
  • Inbound/Outbound Customer Care
  • New Customer Services Program - Enrollment & Welcome Calls
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

HR Services

The key metric for HR departments is employee satisfaction; this can be truly achieved only when HR team members act as trusted advisors. To reach this level, it is imperative that the transactional pressure is removed and they be allowed to focus on strategic initiatives.

HR teams and accounting departments are deluged with repetitive queries that take up valuable time and effort to resolve. Further, response time is the only barometer used by employees to assess the efficiencies of the respective departments.

Automating and outsourcing payroll management will make a significant difference to the operating efficiencies of the HR function. Outsourcing your payroll management to Shriram Value, a specialist in this area, ensures that the complete process is handled efficiently and provides phenomenal strategic thinking space for your HR and Finance functions.

Our services in this area include:

  • Setting up a payroll management system customized to your needs
  • Management of all routine transactions including salary disbursement, user interface and tax management
  • Resolving user queries through an automated process including the setting up of query tickets
  • Providing regular reports to the HR/Accounting department on key parameters